Our own racing program allows us to experiment and try innovative techniques with our own engines. Currently, we consider our own engine programs purely experimental. Their purpose is to allow us to continue to design new combinations and observe the results for future development.

URE-Racing Camaro circa 1989
My car is a 1969 Camaro Z/28(X33 Z28) which I have owned for 19 years. My father and I purchased it as a rolling body with no interior, no drivetrain, and no paint. We restored the car and participated in car shows, street races, and “weekend warrior” events at the drag strips for a number of years. We raced the car noncompetively in the Hot Rod Real Street class. When we felt the desire to truly compete, the need for a state of the art chassis was evident and started us on our racing journey.

In 2000, we sent the car to Next Generation Racecars in Streator, Illinois where the car was completely re-built with a new state of the art chrome-moly chassis from front to rear. Also, an all new suspension and drivetrain were added.

2001 followed and we debuted the car and experienced some success with our brand new car in NMCA Real Street (a normally aspirated heads up 10.5" class). For 2002 and continuing through 2003, we began racing with PRO (now NMCA) in the Pro Stock class. We clinched the championship two years in a row in 2002 and 2003, winning nearly every race we attended.

When 2004 rolled around, we took a year off to regroup and recoupe, to plan a new engine combination, and to concentrate on customer engines. We felt that our combination would no longer be competitive during the next racing season so we decided to take a huge risk and change from a SB Chevrolet to a SB Ford in my 1969 Camaro. At the time, the Ford engines had a better cylinder head allowance for the same weight. This was also an opportunity to prove that we could build competitive Ford engines, along with Chevrolet engines.

In 2005, we debuted a new combination that proved we could be a threat to our competition. We only attended one race at the end of the season, and went all the way to the final round at Memphis. During 2006, we raced a moderate amount with qualifications always near the top including three final round appearances in four races.

Well here we are approaching the off season after a long and busy 2009, heading toward a new 2010 racing season. Haven't done any racing since 2006.

URE Racing Camaro circa 2005
Fortunately, I get to have fun with my customers programs because unfortunately, I have very little time for my own. Nevertheless, the car has been moving forward in construction.

The chassis has been completely updated by Powski Racecraft Engineering, to 25.5 specs, along with all the requirements in the chassis to support a Liberty 5 speed transmission. That's correct, for those that do not know, the URE Camaro will now have a Liberty 5 speed in it, and we're doing it right. The chassis will have the proper structure for the transmission slides, we have a Trick Titanium bellhousing, and a Ram Dual Billet Clutch with all the bells and whistles. The trans came from a current NHRA Pro Stock racer and has all the latest in it from Liberty. This is going to be one fun ride when we finally get it out. Currently, the car resides at UTP(Brian Hable) for the required tin work to house the transmission, along with some other odds and ends updates that we will be posting pics of shortly.

Soon after the car comes out of UTP, it will go to Alan Pennywitt, for paint work. This man is one of the best there is in paint as can be seen in not only his 69 All Motor chevelle, but also in the many cars that come out of shops like Skinny Kid Racecars.

The engine program is just starting to get interesting. Currently I have finished a 416 SBFord, with CFE Pro King heads. This engine will be the mule for learning some things that we've tried, that we can't try on customers engines, and also for learning the clutch. The plan is to take what we've learned with this engine and push towards an entirely new engine program. The foundation is being laid right now for an Outlaw style, N/A engine that will be used for further development, grudge racing and some local All Motor formats. Yes, it will still be a Small Block Ford.

See you at the races!!!
Chris Uratchko

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