BES Racing Engines BES Racing
From stock to Pro Stock and from breather to drain plug, the BES team knows how to make things go faster. A lot faster. We provide virtually every engine service there is. And with over 100 years of combined experience building and rebuilding stock and high performance engines, you know you can count on BES to do the job right the first time, every time. The BES team speaks with experience on the racetrack as well, racking up over 20 combined championships and setting numerous records, many that still stand today.

Brodix Brodix
Paula and J.V. started the business officially known as "BRODIX" in 1979. Along the way they had two sons, Jeff and Greg, and a daughter, Jennifer. Today Paula, Jeff, Greg, and Jennifer have evolved into the driving forces. BRODIX has enjoyed many successes over the years in every form of auto racing. Many, many records, championships, and titles have been won with BRODIX products. With the blend of old and new ideas, the future looks bright. Continuous research and development is a way of life at BRODIX.

CFE Racing Products CFE Racing Products, Inc.
CFE has more competitive CNC porting programs than anyone in the country,  and continues to develop superior CNC–ported heads for a variety of motorsports, as well as street cars and OEM performance programs. CFE is also launching their own line of racing heads, and will continue to design and engineer power-making, record-setting heads and manifolds for many years to come.

CFM Carburetors CFM Carburetors "The Best Liitle Carb Shop in Racing"
Owner Dale, has a history of building carburetors that goes beyond our 20 year anniversary. He has been a certified mechanic for over 30 yrs. He has made a career of building, tuning and servicing carburetors. For Dale, this is a "labor of love". Rest assured, if you invest in a CFM Carburetor, you'll have the support and service of a craftsman who takes pride in every carb he builds.

CV Products CV Products
CV Products is world-renowned for delivering professional race engine parts of the highest quality and reliability. Widely regarded for expertise in high rpm valvetrain technology, CV Products also offers a complete and diverse line of racing parts for all key engine and engine-related product categories.

Diamond Pistons Diamond Pistons
Since 1968 Diamond Pistons has been bringing you high quality pistons and racing products.
Our goal is still the same as it was in 1968. We strive to manufacture the best possible pistons in the industry today and we are committed to customer service. Make Diamond Pistons your next choice for pistons.

Jesel Jesel
As the bar is raised each year, the employees at JESEL continue to work even harder to manufacture a product capable of meeting, and then defeating the challenges at hand. We are proud of the fact that every component with the exception of bearings and hardware is designed, manufactured and tested in our Lakewood, NJ facility. Our staff is dedicated to producing the finest available parts and providing the highest levels of service to our customers in the racing industry. As a former racer and engine builder, I understand the need for quality and service and vow to keep the small company feel that JESEL has been known for over the last 28 years.

Jim-Powski Racecraft Jim-Powski Racecraft Engineering
We offer full fabrication shop services. From minor repairs and updates to complete racecars. All to the same quality as found on our own racecar. Roll cages, frame connectors, rear ends narrowed, back halves, front halves, gear set up and more.

LSM Engineering LSM Systems Engineering
LSM Systems Engineering is a full service company for design, analysis, manufacture, build and testing of racing, prototype, and high performance street components.

Manley Manley Performance
Led by our GM Michael Tokarchik, in 2002 Manley entered the high performance passenger car market as an OEM supplier of connecting rods for the 2003/2004 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra. Ford awarded Manley it's highest ever supplier rating. Manley Performance continues to re-define itself in a high performance aftermarket industry that is constantly evolving. We've developed new products for growing markets such as sport compact, Ford modular and Chevy LS; as well as maintained our leadership role with the traditional V-8 engine business.

MGP Connecting Rods

MGP Connecting Rods
From the beginning, MGP has built its strong reputation in connecting rod products by always providing the highest level of quality and technology available.  Our newest series of connecting rods for Pro-Stock, Pro-Stock Truck and Competition Eliminator encompasses all the latest innovations in product design and manufacturing technology.  MGP will continue to develop new product technology and manufacturing techniques necessary to meet the required level of product performance expected and demanded by our customers.

Race Flow Development Race Flow Development
Great cylinder heads and port design is a never ending process. The hundreds of hours designing, hand grinding, digitizing and flow testing ends up on the dyno and race track, only to start the process all over. It's the research and development that drives RFD and it's what we do best. RFD is a full service facility with full 5 axis CNC machining & Digitizing. All of our CNC ported heads are custom built one set at a time assuring you the best cylinder head for your application.

Star Machine Star Machine
STAR Machine specializes in crankcase vacuum technology for the motorsports industry. Using sound engineering principals combined with creative concepts and modern manufacturing techniques, STAR Machine is dedicated to providing only the finest quality vacuum pumps and components. Each pump is dyno tested and must meet or exceed the free flow and peak vacuum levels STAR Machine has published in our Performance Graph before it is shipped.

Trend Performance Trend Performance, Inc.
Trend Performance offers you the ultimate pushrod lineup. The pushrod is one of the most important members of the valve train, but can be the most overlooked.  Today's race engines deserve the ultimate in quality at every step, and Trend Performance pushrods exceed that requirement.

Ultimate Converter Concepts Ultimate Converter Concepts
Ultimate Converter Concepts was conceived with the idea of producing the finest, most durable  converters available on the market today. Unmatched personal service and consultation take the mystery out of torque converter selection. It lets you, the customer, come away from your experience with Ultimate Converter Concepts, with the satisfaction of knowing you spent your time and money the right way the first time.

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