Pump Gas Warrior
770 hp Pump Gas 420 SBC

CFE 15 Degree heads
4150 carburetor
93 octane from any gas station.
640 torque, 770 hp, 93 octane, 7500 max rpm, no maintenance valvetrain.
Chris Singleton
NMCA X/S 2009 Champion
Engine: 365 CID SBF
Power Adder: F1R
  Matt Swindle
Engine: 525 BBC
Power Adder: Nitrous
  Chris Fairchild
Built for NMCA Pro Stock and other N/A classes
Engine: 420 CID, 980 HP
Power Adder: Naturally Aspirated
Jason Glezman
Engine: 399 CID SBC, Dart Buick heads, Billet Manifold with EFI
850 HP on motor, 1400 HP on nitrous
Power Adder: Dry nitrous system by Steve Johnson
  Jim Filipowski
Best ET 7.47 at 199 mph, 3425 pounds, 295 M/T Drag Radials
Engine: 398 CID LSX, All Pro Heads, Custom URE intake Manifold, CSU Blow Thru Carb
Power Adder: 101mm Turbo
  Grudge Race Engine
Engine: 456 CID, 1040 HP, CFE 10 Degree Wedge Heads
Power Adder: Naturally Aspirated
Tom Ryan
8 Second Street car
Engine: 400 CID pump gas engine
Power Adder: F2R ProCharger
  Chris Uratchko
Engine: 415 CID SBF, CFE Pro King Heads
Power Adder: Naturally Aspirated
  Brad Holsapple
Engine: 410 CID, 960 HP, URE Mopar Manifold, CFE 10 Degree Heads, 960 HP
Power Adder: Naturally Aspirated
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