At URE we have the ability to design virtually any component required to build the engine the way WE want it built. If there is an idea from the customer, or a unique part that will complement the design of the engine, we have the capability to develop Math Models that are capable of being translated into the proper language for specialty CNC machining.

Here are a couple examples of our work:
  • One of our engines required a carburetor with a custom throttle bore.   There were no carb spacers available to fit the application.  We designed our own in house, sent the math out and had it CNC machined.  
URE Design Services
  • On another engine we experimented with rocker arm parameters that were not available for the given cylinder head.   Instead of cobbling something together we designed a shaft rocker stand, with the proper geometry(no shims required).   The result was a very clean installation of a custom rocker arrangement.
URE Design Services
-Chris Uratchko  

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