The Uratchko name has been associated with drag racing since the 1960's. Joe Uratchko (my father) raced a 1965 Chevelle (which he still owns today) with a small block in various drag racing venues and formats. He always had a passion for building engines, drag racing, and car hobbies in general. His passion for cars and racing influenced me as a child. To this day, my hobby and professional lives center around involvement in the automotive manufacturing and racing world.

Joe Uratchko's 1965 Chevelle   I entered the working world into the fields of design and engineering. Through the years, I have been blessed with opportunities for involvement in many automotive programs within the Big 3, working in varied areas from Chassis and Suspension design, to Interior and Body Design. I have designed and developed products in an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) environment. In my professional life, this has been my daily focus for 18 years.

   I believe this background gives me a unique perspective in racing engine development. This is my true passion. Nothing makes my blood flow like the sound of an engine on the dyno or on the racetrack. I enjoy listening to and working on the engines even more than I like watching the cars.

   Racing engine development is experimental in many ways. It is about taking risks and trying alternate combinations to achieve the desired results. At this point in racing engine development, we are really in the refinement business. It is the little details and learned lessons that turn the average engine we are building into something exceptional.

   I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with and to be a customer to some great engine builders over the years. One in particular is Tony Bischoff of BES. I believe he is one of the best in the nation and I believe in giving credit to those who deserve it. My Christian faith guides me in every area of my life and although I am not perfect, I strive to honor and respect all of the racers and engine builders, even competitors, that I have had the privilege to interact with and learn from.

   I have also been blessed with great customers who are willing to go the distance to create an exceptional product. As an engine builder we really owe everything we learn to our customers. If they did not allow us the opportunity to work on their programs, we would not have the experience. And Racing Engines are all about experience. Nobody in this business was born with it. It is a learned trade.

This all comes down to my mission statement:

Our mission at URE is to continually increase our knowledge in engine development, maintain integrity in a challenging climate, and achieve customer satisfaction.

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